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Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Meditations: Texture

I took this picture the other day when I was running in Italy. I literally stopped in my tracks, so taken by these layers of texture in nature. I took a few minutes to just gaze at the beauty and to really experience what was in front of me. 

The puffy white clouds, so light and airy, seemed almost tangible. I imagined myself reaching out with my fingertips and pinching off a small piece of cloud, like cotton candy, to dissolve in my hand. The distant mountains softened the edges of the horizon while the trees and shrubbery added form, color, and perspective. Their rougher texture contrasted with the clouds, the grass field, and the rolls of hay.

I could hear birds and crickets, I could see grasshoppers jumping in the field, and could feel a slight breeze that gently rustled the trees behind me. 

Wherever you are, you will always have an opportunity to notice the textures around you. Don't close your eyes for this meditation. Keep them open, but also see with your hands, with your breath, with your ears. Appreciate the differences and variances that make our world so interesting.

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