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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stacy London's New Book: "The Truth About Style,"

OMG - I am a new fan of Stacy London. I love this woman! And I have only been aware of her since my wonderful marketing woman, Tracy Petrucci, clued me in.

You (unlike me) are probably aware of the TV show, "What Not To Wear".


Co-host, Stacy London, was recently interviewed for a Seattle Times article about her new book, "The Truth About Style." After reading the article, I am pretty intrigued to pick up a copy.

"It's crucial", says London, to draw the line between fashion (the industry) and style (the individual). "It's an important distinction to make, and ultimately a very freeing one."

The book is considered part memoir, and part guide to personal style. "In it, she discusses her own journey: a devastating bout of psoriasis as a child during which she felt like 'a monster'; a long struggle with eating disorders and weight fluctuation as a young adult (she's been every size from 00 to 16); a lifelong fascination with fashion and its relationship to self-acceptance and confidence."

I think a really cool thing about Stacy London's book is that it's not just her story. She includes the perspectives of 9 other everyday women, aged 19 to 60, who share their influences, attitudes, struggles, and comfort levels with finding their individual sense of style. I think we can all agree, it's a tough road to navigate with the suffocating societal and cultural pressure on having the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the trendy clothes; not to mention being the perfect mother, wife, hostess, friend, etc. It's easy to lose the essence of who you really are.

Read the full article here and let me know if you have read it yet, or plan on getting the book!

Oh, and have fun watching this video. She is all over it! Go girl!

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