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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Meditations: Guardian Angel

We have all heard of Guardian Angels. In fact, most of us have joked that our Guardian Angel must have been looking out for us when "XYZ" happened (or didn't happen). For me anyway, it is comforting to think I have a presence who is always with me, watching over me, and trying to guide me in the best direction for myself.

Guardian Angel
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The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos" which means “messenger”. In essence then, angels can be thought of as winged messengers, working as a bridge between heaven and earth. They are believed to be immortal beings of light and pure consciousness that are not being affected by time and space. A Guardian Angel may be just one of many angels that each of us have. Angels of healing, peace, or joy, may also be with us.

The following meditation from Doreen Virtue at can be used to call on your angels, and specifically, your Guardian Angel, to help give you guidance in any area of your life. 

Guardian Angel Meditation 
1. Sit with your spine straight and take in a very deep breath, inhaling the good energy from the angels. On the exhale, let go of anything that could be stressing or bothering you.  
2. Continue to breathe in and out very deeply. While doing so, call upon your guardian angels and any other angels to make their presence known.  
3. Open yourself to their presence and see if you can feel them around your shoulders, your head, your heart, or other parts of your body. They may give you a tingling or warm sensation in your body or just a general feeling of safety and peace.  
4. Acknowledge that even if you can’t exactly feel them at this moment, they are with you -- ready and willing to help you with whatever you need.  
5. Take a moment and mentally ask your angels a question that you have or for any requests for help. Give this question, this request, to your angels and let go of any worries about how it will be answered. Trust that these beautiful, glorious angels will bring you what you need.  
6. Ask the angels to surround you with extra insulation of protective love, helping you throughout the day to have glorious experiences and opportunities, and instilling a sense of peace within your heart and your mind. 

Guardian Angel Necklace
The Guardian Angel necklace by Cocoon

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