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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Zombie-Proof House?

Zombie Proof House PictureMy background as an interior designer causes me to gravitate toward articles on beautiful homes, new ideas in space planning, and cool designs in furniture. I can remember in one of my interior design classes at the Design Institute of San Diego we got to come up with an imaginary client with imaginary needs and wants, whose budget was the sky.

We came up with some crazy and seemingly unlikely designs based on the bizarre circumstances or specifications our "clients" required. The designs we all came up with were well thought out and feasibly possible; and although they brought out a few giggles among us, the exercise made us realize that thinking outside the box makes anything possible!

Nowadays, design pushes the edges in all areas, especially architecture. But I never dreamed I would come across a Zombie-Proof house! Designed by KWK Promes, the "Safe House" seals itself shut at night, and unfolds itself in the morning. This monolithic, concrete structure in Warsaw, Poland is complete with:
  • drawbridges
  • moveable walls
  • over 6,000 s.f. of luxury living
  • floor-to-ceiling windows (when "awake")
  • indoor swimming pool
  • panoramic views
I mean, I guess the usefulness of a zombie-proof house did cross my mind while watching "I Am Legend" a few years ago, but...

Zombie House Design
The "Safe House" designed by architectural firm KWK Promes 
Just goes to show that anything our little hearts desire IS possible. Sometimes though, you just gotta think outside the box. See pictures and read more about the objectives and the mastery behind the "Safe House" here.

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