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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Meditations: Purifying Fire

In this week's Monday Meditations, fire is the focus - burning away regrets, shame and bad habits so you can clear a path for healthier living. Here is Madonna Gauding's take on it, from her book, The Meditation Bible:
No one is free of negative, undermining habits. Perhaps you smoke, or spend too much money, or you have a habit of blowing up in anger at people you love when you really don't want to. Maybe you drive too fast and have had a few accidents nearly harming someone. Perhaps you have consistently cheated on your partner. You may still be caught up in your bad habits or you may have given them up but still carry shame about them. This meditation uses visualization to help you overcome current negative habits and release some of the shame created by past and present habits.

Let's Meditate

  1. Locate a place where you can safely build a fire - perhaps a fireplace or an outside barbecue.
  2. Write down any negative habits you have, past and present. Take your time and be as thorough as possible.
  3. Write down the feelings you have that are associated with the habits. Include any shame or regret.
  4. Build a fire and sit on a meditation cushion or chair. Read your list and let yourself really feel those feelings you associated with your bad habits.
  5. Visualize your higher power in any form you like. Express your regret for indulging in negative habits and ask for help in living your life in a more positive and constructive way. Feel your higher power's love and acceptance of you as you are.
  6. Now place your list into the fire and watch it burn. As your list burns, visualize your negative habits leaving you. Let go of any shame by mentally giving it to the fire to be purified. Set an intention to strive to live a more positive life.
I think being able to actually see your regrets, shame, and bad habits burn away and vanish in front of your eyes is an incredibly powerful and meaningful event. This is probably one we can all use, and more than once!

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