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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prayer for Yesterday's Ho'oponopono Meditation

Since my post yesterday on this meditation was getting a little long, I have included the prayer that goes with the Ho'oponopono meditation that can be said, if you desire, at the end of your practice. Of course, it can be said anytime.
Oh Divine Mother, Divine Father, Teachers, spirit friends and allies,
and all those who love me, hear me now.
I come before you with my heart open,
In humble gratitude fro my soul's journey.
I acknowledge my unfolding,
And nourish the flames of my heart, mind, and soul
With the beauty I create in the world.
Bless my footsteps as I walk upon my path,
So that I may always remember the road that leads
Too the truth of the flame within me.
And so it is.
If you'd like to try a guided Ho'oponopono meditation you can download it free on itunes here (scroll down to bottom). For me, listening to a guided meditation helps my focus and keeps my thoughts from taking control!

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