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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Meditation: Take The Next Step

Manifesting your dreams requires having a clear idea of what your 'dream' looks like. This meditation, adapted from Madonna Gauding's The Meditation Bible, can help you to be more purposeful visualizing your dream and in uncovering the steps you need to take next on your journey.
Your dreams mainfest through your thoughts and through your actions. Your mental, physical and spiritual actions
create your reality. In the beginning, the road to your dream may seem daunting. But as long as you keep visualizing your dream and be mindful of the steps that will get you there, you will get there!
You will need a large sheet of paper and marking pens.
1) Find a place indoors where you can be alone and undisturbed. Sit at a table with your drawing materials in front of you.
2) Close your eyes and visualize a dream you would like to make a reality. For example, if you want to start a vegetarian restaurant, see yourself in your restaurant greeting your guests.
3) Draw a circle in the middle of your paper and write your dream in the center of it. If you'd like, add pictures from magazines to that dream center to help you visualize even more clearly!
4) Now begin to brainstorm what steps you feel you need to take in order to realize your dream. Don't worry if you haven't thought of everything. You won't! Just begin with the obvious. Write them in circles around your dream center.
5) Draw lines running from the dream center to the circled steps, and add 'sub-tasks' to those steps. For example, if you need training, make that one step. Listed under that step may be the 'sub-tasks' of getting a student loan and finding a good training school. Another step may be to visit the best vegetarian restaurants in the region and surrounding cities you are considering opening your restaurant.
6) When you are finished you will have an organic form that looks like a flower or a snowflake. Prioritize the main steps in a sequence that makes sense to you. If you'd like you can then prioritize the sub-tasks under each step.
7) Close your eyes again and visualize yourself completing the steps, eventually arriving back at the visualization of you living your dream.

I give a lot of credit to putting your thoughts and your dreams on paper - it is a great exercise and can also act as a visual reminder that you can look at everyday. I also believe that getting too bogged down in the "hows" becomes overwhelming; as is feeling like you need to know every step and in the right order. But the power of the mind is limitless, so visualizing what you want and really seeing yourself in that visualization is hugely important. That thought and those visualizations begin circulating in the universe of possibilities and realities.
As long as you take action in the direction of realizing that dream, the natural process of things will unfold and whatever is right for you will reveal itself. It is putting trust in the universe, but not just sitting back and thinking it's all going to happen by itself.
Do you follow "steps" to accomplish your goals? How much do you trust in the universe?

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