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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brick and Mortar

I wish I could spend more time in the Los Angeles area. There are so many great spots that I just get glimpses of here and there.

I was celebrating my wonderful friend's birthday over the weekend - she lives in Redondo Beach so we went to dinner at Primativo (yummy tapas and sangria!) in Venice.

Unfortunately we got there after most of the amazing shops were closed, but the window shopping was almost as good and definitely much less expensive! I can't wait to come back when I have a full day to just immerse myself in the glory of Abbot Kinney street - to pet the clothes, browse the bookstores, smell the aroma from the coffee shops, and wander the galleries.

I just loved this piece of outside art as we were walking to the restaurant. I want to know what the story is behind this portrait/sculpture on the side of a brick building. Who is this woman? Who made it? Is it plaster over brick? Is it old, or was it just done last year? Anyone know? I'm on a mission to find out.

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