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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Meditations: Flower Power

This week’s Monday Meditation is about Flower Power!

Flowers are exquisitely alluring and a potent source of inspiration. Their fragile beauty captivates our imagination, and their very presence uplifts and heals. A single rose, an iris, an orchid or lily - all bring to mind a fantastic, almost shocking splendor.

Concentrating on a flower as a form of meditation can elevate your spirits and soothe your soul. A single flower can provide focus for our attention while energizing and calming our stressed-out bodies and minds.

Pick a flower from your garden or purchase one in a shop, and place your single flower in a vase on a table in front of you, just below eye level.

1) Sit in a chair or on a cushion.
2) Take a few deep breaths and set aside any worries or distractions. Empty your mind of all thoughts, and breathe normally.
3) Focus on the flower in front of you.
4) Notice the flower’s unique beauty. Study the detail of the unfolding petals, the color, the variations within leaves, stem. Recognize the absolute wonder in front of you.
5) If the flower has a scent, breathe it in.
6) Visualize the flower’s perfume or elixir filling your body, nourishing a healthy environment, or healing any illness or health problem you may be experiencing. If you are grieving for a loved one, let your tears flow and allow your flower's essence to sooth your broken heart.
7) When you are ready, return to your breath and end your meditation.

I hope you try this meditation - so simple and accessible. And if you need some more flowers in your life, I have a bundle of them in my Peace & Love  collection. Enjoy!

This meditation was adapted from The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding.

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