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Monday, September 26, 2011

Spacious Mind Meditation

With one thought constantly following another, your mind may start to feel claustrophobic. This meditation will help you clear your mental 'space' and give you a much-needed mental holiday. Our minds are filled with memories, desires, plans, worries, and other mental impressions. Our constant thinking adds to the disarray. This meditation will help you clear your mental clutter and create a peaceful, open, spacious mind. By creating mental spaciousness, you will realize
that you have much more control over how you feel and think than you imagined. You will discover your thoughts and your problems take a back seat as you experience a reality that is larger and more compassionate than your ordinary mind. With practice you can experience this mental spaciousness whenever and wherever you want.

  • Gives your mind a rest from over-thinking

  • Helps you feel more calm and compassionate

  • Provides mental spaciousness

When to try
Anytime you are feeling stressed and hemmed in by worries or constant thinking, use this meditation.

Before meditating, relax by stretching out on your bed or on the floor. Starting at your toes, move up your body and relax all of your muscles. Rest and breathe deeply for five minutes. Get up slowly and begin the meditation.

1. Sit cross-legged on a cushion or a straight backed chair with your feet on the floor.

2. Begin by focusing your breath, counting on the out breath up to ten. After about five minutes, stop county your breath and simply focus on the out breath for another two minutes or so.

3. Become aware of the calmness and space that arises at the end of the out breath. Let yourself float deeper and deeper into that feeling and space. Imagine your breath flowing out into a vast area filled with light.

4. With each breath, let the space get larger and larger. Allow yourself to rest and be in that space in the present. If a thought appears, gently refocus on the spaciousness you have created.

5. Tell yourself that it is okay to just be. Remain in this calm space as long as you like. When ready, take a deep breath and end your session.

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