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Friday, September 9, 2011

I Danced, Did You?

I wanna know. Who was brave enough to dance their hearts out in the company of themselves and maybe a confused pet or two? Did you try the Dance Trance meditation??

Well, there's always next week.

Good for you!!

I tried it and I will definitely be doing that one again. I created a playlist on my iTunes that was just a little over 30 minutes. It started out fast and ended slow.

I loved it! But I sorta knew I would. The best thing about it though was that I could count it as "meditation" even though it just felt like reckless abandon and pure fun. I will admit that at first I kept checking the window feeling certain that the gardner was going to unexpectedly show up or that a neighbor would appear looking to borrow a cup of sugar, but I got over that quick enough.

And then it was just the music and me. And my dog Scooby, looking at me like I had finally lost it.

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