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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dance Trance Meditation

OMG - break out the leg warmers!!!....No, seriously, DON'T!!! Unless they speak to you. This week I'm going to practice the Dance Trance from the "Get Moving" section of The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding.

Here is what she says:
This movement can be lots of fun, and it can bring up a flood of emotions. If you end up laughing or crying, your tendency may be to stop. It is important to keep dancing no matter what happens. Dance through any feelings and see what emerges.

This meditation is about emotional, physical, and spiritual release. The idea is to transcend your usual left-brained linear thinking and access the wisdom of your body in movement. Through dance and letting go of thought, you may have realizations about reality not normally available to you in ordinary life.


Helps you access both hemispheres of your brain
Releases resistance to the Divine
Helps ground your body and promote wellness

When to try:

If you feel that you are about to explode from stress and unexpressed emotions, try this dancing meditation to help you figure out what is going on.


1. Find time when you can be alone. Go barefoot or wear shoes you can dance in comfortably. Wear clothes that are very loose and free. Take off your glasses and wristwatch. Now clear the area in which you are going to dance.

2. Put on music - could be trance music or other music with a strong rhythm. Choose several CDs that appeal to you - and turn it up as loud as possible. Begin dancing and don't stop for 30 minutes. If you want to keep dancing for longer, do so.

3. While you are dancing try to focus on your dance. Try not to think, and carry on dancing until you are exhausted. Try to feel connected to your higher power as you dance. If you feel emotional or feel like crying, don't hold back.

Okaaaay, are you ready for this? Can you give yourself permission to just let it out? Close the blinds if you live too close to possibly nosey neighbors - you gotta feel comfortable when you are doing this.

I think this is one meditation style I will really be able to relate to! I LOVE to dance!! I know what tunes I'm going to pick - some Rachel Yamagata, Deva Premal, Tears for Fears, and some crazy rap-I-have-no-business-listening-to-but-I-like-it-anyway music. And, I just discovered this song through Twitter by an Australian artist named Gotye. I am definitely going to groove to this A-MA-ZING song featuring Kimbra, another artist I am now introduced to. Check it out at

Try it!!! If not this week, another week! I want to hear about it... ;-)

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