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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Meditations

Monday- It’s the beginning of the work week for many, a time to really gather yourself and get ready for the week ahead. It can be overwhelming sometimes! So I’m trying something new to help me from distraction, and keep me living in the present moment.

Monday Meditations.
Every Monday (well, I miss one here and there), I’ll be posting a new meditation to try that I will draw from The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding and other sources as well. I will also have guests contribute posts about their personal experiences with meditation or some form of well being.
I really like Madonna Gauding's book because the meditations are condensed (which we can all appreciate) and they are broken down into the following categories:

• Calming and Centering
• Living Mindfully
• Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
• Getting You Moving
• Generating Love and Compassion
• Solving your Problems
• Manifesting your Dreams
• Connecting to the Divine

Meditation is not all about just sitting on a cushion. (In fact, if you are more comfortable laying down instead of sitting, go for it - it is your practice, after all, and you need to do what works for you.) I’ll even be trying some that involve dancing! Although many people attribute meditation as an exotic practice, it’s simply making the choice to focus your mind on something, or to just sit and experience "no thought. It’s a down to earth approach for everyone, of any religion.

Why Meditate?
• To give your mind a break from the relentless stream of thought
• To envision what you want in your life
• To Improve Health
• To Sharpen your Mind
• To be More Aware of Body and Mind
• To Balance your Emotions
• To Experience Gratitude

If you’re new at meditation, you will most likely find these to be non-intimidating and simple; and if you’ve been practicing for a while, these meditations can bring you new inspiration.

I’m starting today with the Flowing Water meditation.

Please feel free to try these with me each week and share your experiences with it. You can email me your reaction to the meditation or just write on my facebook wall or blog post and let me know how it went for you!


  1. Love the photo of your dog Scooby. Animals are natural meditators cause they stay in the present so much easier than us humans. I have two dogs and they help me stay in the now with their unconditional love. I've been back at my meditation practice since the beginning of this year. I really like the idea of the flowing water especially right now as I can hear the rain flow down. I love this summer warm rain - feels like Hawaii. Thanks for you wonderful art and energy you put out into the world.

  2. So true! We have so much to learn from our furry friends. Thank you for your kind words and enjoy this Hawaiiana day!