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Monday, August 29, 2011

Flowing Water Meditation

This week I'm trying the "Flowing Water Meditation" from The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding. This is a great little book that appeals to both novice, and seasoned meditators. It's broken down into sections depending on what goal you are looking to achieve through your exploration or practice of mediation.

I found this particular meditation in the Calming and Centering section of her book. It can be done on the beach, next to a creek or park fountain, or in your home sitting next to (or in!) the bathtub as it fills with water.
Get creative!

Here is what she says:
The sound of flowing water connects you with the flow of nature and reminds you that change is a natural part of life. The soothing sound blocks out harsh noises and your own mental chatter. The peaceful sound of flowing water can calm your mind and release tension from your body.

But being near flowing water can also improve your mental and physical health. In 1915, scientists discovered that when water is atomized (which happens as a result of the impact of water droplets) it produces beneficial negative ions. If you are close to flowing water, you inhale these negative ions which are absorbed into the bloodstream. Negative ions are known to improve our well being, and our physical and mental capacity by accelerating the delivery of oxygen to our cells. That is why you can feel so refreshed and invigorated after a spring storm or by standing next to a waterfall.


- Relaxes body and mind
- Produces beneficial negative ions
- Reduces mental chatter


1. Sit on a cushion, a chair or the ground near a source of flowing water.
2. Breathe normally and focus on the sound of water for five minutes. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts. When thoughts intervene, return your focus to the sound of flowing water.
3. With each in-breath, allow the sound of the water to deepen your relaxation in body and mind. Notice if you feel better physically when you are next to flowing water.
4. When you feel ready end your meditation. Drink a large glass of refreshing pure water.

I'll let you know how it goes for me. If you decide to try it - let me know how your experience is too!

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