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Monday, August 8, 2011

Color Me Happy

Can you picture a world without color? Imagine grey sunflowers, a white ocean, or a black strawberry. It takes the appeal, the allure and the taste right out of them. There have been movies made and books written about the concept, such as Pleasantville and The Giver. But these stories end up with color being introduced or remembered eventually, because the idea of letting a story end in shades of grey is just too unbearable.

Artists use color to evoke certain emotions or to reflect their own internal sentiments. Governments use color
to communicate rules. Animals and plants use color to defend themselves or attract wanted or needed elements in their environment. Interior designers use color to expand or contract rooms; to accent, complement or add contrast to a space, wall, or piece of furniture.

In fact, color is probably the key element of design composition used by interior designers and artists to affect proportion, create contrast and suggest mood. Entire designs schemes are created around color:

- Complementary uses colors opposite one another on the color wheel; for instance red and green, or violet and yellow.

- Analogous uses colors next to each other on the color wheel

- Monochromatic uses the same color but varying shades and tones of that color

The presence of color in our lives has a greater affect than we are conscious of. Color affects our senses and communicates to us:
- Red warns us of danger

- Blue calms or cools us

- Yellow conveys cheerfulness and warmth

Currently, I am drawn to bright, highly saturated colors in my glass designs. To be totally honest, I'm not quite sure why. I do know that these vivid colors make me happy. Maybe it is my way of counteracting all that is dark and bleak in our world and trying instead to focus on the hope and promise that still exists and is achievable. But…I am getting too heavy here and that is not my intent! Suffice it to say that I am moved by color.

Many of my pieces consist of bold pigments that are so powerful on their own that they can easily steal the show. Yet their simple, clean design allows them to also provide the necessary complement to an outfit. I love this versatility that these bold colors offer. My Solids and Complements Collection provides many opportunities to do both, however, you will find the influence of rich powerful hues in my other collections as well.

Start paying attention to how color affects you. If you do, you will probably notice how many decisions you make that are actually influenced by it. I'd love to hear what your favorite color is…and, if you know why!

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