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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The New Color of Fashion - Orange!

It's warm.  It's lively.  It's got ENERGY and a funkiness about it.  It's....ORANGE!  Not the easiest color to pull off in large quantity (unless you are Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston), but it is so perfect as an accent or accessory to give your look a little POP!

Orange can be fun and playful; it's intensely charged: and it can convey gobs of sexual energy (again, note picture).

Artists love dabbling with orange hues because of it's expressive qualities.  If you're into chakras, orange is the color associated with the Sacral Chakra (the region between the lower abdomen and the navel) which helps one to maintain balance in their lives, initiating change to gain order.

And if you're into COCOON, we've got all sorts of designs incorporating (if not completely smothered in) orange!  Check 'em out:

So wear orange when you are seeking a little adventure and mischief, but don't wear it if you are standing next to Angie and Jen...although that would be considered quite adventurous and mischievous, wouldn't it?

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