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Monday, May 9, 2011

Cleavage Enhancers

There are times to be subtle and there are times to show off what you got.  Can you do both at the same time?  I think so. There is a lot to be said for understated elegance and style, but sometimes you want to call attention to certain aspects of yourself!  The neck, décolletage and bustline can be great areas to highlight.

I've designed some understated, but none-the-less, attention-stealing pendants.  They're long, graceful and sexy.  I love the clean look achieved by creating channels within each pendant for the chain to pass through.  It gives the feeling that they are floating on the neck.

Parrot Blue Drop Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain
Olive Drop Pendant

The tapered pendants remind me of taffy obelisks that are slowly being stretched downward, naturally leading the eye in that direction.  So elegant!

The more uniform, rectangular pendants have a substantial, weighty feel to them and call to mind the shape of ancient totems, evoking a sense of permanence and stability.

Blue Swirl Totem


Creating the "channeled" pendants require three to four layers of glass resulting in a great statement piece. But don't be surprised if they leave an admirer speechless!

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